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Christmas tortellini (tortellini in brodo)

Straddling the northern provinces of Italy and the Apennine mountains to the south, lies the sizable but little-known region of Emilia-Romagna. Here, two cities claim to be the birthplace of tortellini: Bologna and Modena. Despite its miniature size, this pasta has an elaborate and disputed history.

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Panissa (Ligurian chickpea bites)

Between the sea and the mountains on the northwestern tip of Italy's boot, lies the untouched and vibrant Liguria. Aside from being home to some people you may have heard of, such as "Christopher Columbus" and Niccolò Paganini, it was also my home until just recently.

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Crostata di marmellata (jam tart)

There are many things unspoken by a crostata. It whispers of times past. It comforts in times of disarray. It proves that simplicity is, indeed, beautiful. 

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