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Sweet and savoury granola

Granola is one of those recipes that isn't a recipe at all, but rather a formula (on which arise infinite variations) and a very simple procedure. I have been using the same granola formula for a number of years now, across many different countries and with various ovens...

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Maritozzi (Italian Easter bread)

Maritozzi (Italian sweet buns) will eternally remind me of spring. Studded with raisins and candied citrus peel, maritozzi are just sweet enough to brighten the day, and are the perfect accompaniment to a short, bitter espresso.

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Crostata di marmellata (jam tart)

There are many things unspoken by a crostata. It whispers of times past. It comforts in times of disarray. It proves that simplicity is, indeed, beautiful. 

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