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Panzanella (Tuscan tomato and bread salad)

Whether your summer is swelteringly hot or sunny with a mild breeze, warmer days and more time spent outdoors have us naturally craving fresher, juicier, and lighter foods. The abundance of locally-grown fruits and vegetables…

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Strawberry risotto

"Come over for dinner and I'll cook for you", he says excitedly. Not knowing what to expect, we accept the offer and pencil a date and time into our calendar. Since I typically (and happily) cook for others, it gives me a thrill when someone else wants to do the same for me.

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Saffron chickpea spread (crema di ceci)

The Italian word aperitivo is derived from the Latin aperire, which means: to open. In many ways, an aperitivo is precisely that: the beginning (or opening) of a meal, with the intention of stimulating (again, opening) one's appetite. 

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