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A Guide to Genoa (Genova, Italy)

A juxtaposition of the old and the new: ancient stone palaces, shooting up as far as the eye can see, intermingle with brutalist architecture, both tainted by rebellious graffiti. The compact city centre, busy and noisy, morphs into quaint seaside neighbourhoods, where life seems to stand still.

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Crostata di marmellata (jam tart)

There are many things unspoken by a crostata. It whispers of times past. It comforts in times of disarray. It proves that simplicity is, indeed, beautiful. 

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Puglia and Basilicata

I can't help but look at the photo above and think of Aladdin. The scene where Aladdin looks out from his perch onto the city below: its buildings of stone and its dazzling palace. Yet, he is constricted by his own melancholy, dreaming of a future in which he too can be part of that world...

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