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Panzanella (Tuscan tomato and bread salad)

Whether your summer is swelteringly hot or sunny with a mild breeze, warmer days and more time spent outdoors have us naturally craving fresher, juicier, and lighter foods. The abundance of locally-grown fruits and vegetables…

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A Guide to Genoa (Genova, Italy)

A juxtaposition of the old and the new: ancient stone palaces, shooting up as far as the eye can see, intermingle with brutalist architecture, both tainted by rebellious graffiti. The compact city centre, busy and noisy, morphs into quaint seaside neighbourhoods, where life seems to stand still.

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Strawberry risotto

"Come over for dinner and I'll cook for you", he says excitedly. Not knowing what to expect, we accept the offer and pencil a date and time into our calendar. Since I typically (and happily) cook for others, it gives me a thrill when someone else wants to do the same for me.

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