Almond sugar cookies (Valentine hearts)

Perhaps it's the Italian in me, but I would argue that even just a touch of almond can elevate a baked good in much the same way that vanilla or cardamom can.

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Trofie alla genovese

Liguria, the province of Italy where the sea meets the mountains, the palaces and forts proudly remind of an ancient time, and the colourful houses are scattered among lush greenery. The Ligurian cuisine reflects this beauty with a focus on aromatic herbs, such as basil...

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Cinnamon stars (zimtsterne)

These cinnamon stars (zimtsterne in German) are chewy, nutty, spicy and have an airy crunch from the meringue, which then softly melts away. If you close your eyes, you may feel like you are sitting in front of a crackling wood fire, bundled up...

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Almond cardamom cake

If I could sum up Italian cuisine in one word, it would be this one: simple

I have had countless conversations on the topic of the true Italian cuisine, which differs greatly from the kind of food we see outside of Italy that is typically called "Italian". Most dishes revolve around a few key ingredients...

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Involtini vivaci

Sicilia: diversely captivating, rough around the edges, tremendously sensual. 

In short, this is Sicily to me. One cannot visit Sicily without becoming overwhelmed by the landscape, the people, the history, and of course, the food. Start off the day with...

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Plum hazelnut crisp

The season of Italian plums, or prugne, has begun. Finding the little yellow, purple, and red gems amongst the green leafy lettuces and bursting tomatoes is like stumbling upon a treasure. Still young, these plums are tart and sour with a hint of sweetness. Just the way I like them, and a perfect accompaniment to a lightly sweet crisp. 

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