Hi! I'm LISA.

I am a food, travel, and life writer who lives in Genoa, Italy. 

Originally from a town near Toronto, Canada, I grew up in an Italian family. For as long as I can remember, every week we would have a grand feast all together. Everything, from the fresh spaghetti waiting to leap in the pot, to the delicately blushed biscotti di pesca (peach cookies), was made by Nonna's hands. I learned so much from her, and she is the font from which I draw my inspiration.

The community in which I was raised was multicultural, as is typical for Toronto. Sharing traditions, learning from others' cultures, and respecting differences is a normal part of daily life. The beauty of this conviviality is reflected in my creations, as I try to bridge the gap between cultures through the use of harmonious flavour and texture pairings. 

Presently, I have traced my roots back to Italy and I am living amidst the sea and the mountains in beautiful Liguria. It is here that I dive into the world of baking and cooking, right off of my little terrace. Fresh, seasonal food is bought from farmers, only a short walk away. Recipes from France, Italy, Ukraine, and elsewhere are being tested, tried, and adapted. Luckily, a white piano has managed to find me, even if halfway across the world, and its sweet sound resonates above the bustle of the ancient city below.